Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heads 'N Harpoons

My friend Sarah came over last week to show me and my brother some cool techniques for drawing heads.  So here's what I got.  (I drew my brother Nate, see if you can find him)

And I'm slowly working on this here harpoon.  Eventually I want a scene to go with this prop.  All in due time! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Logos 'n Things

Bout time I posted again!  Here's some stuff I've been doing lately:

Shirts I made for some good friends of mine for their birthday.  The moose one didn't turn out as well as I was hoping (sorry Nav)

A logo I did for a friend who was apparently making a miniature fully functional crane for school.  Pretty neat! Hope he did well......Maybe I should ask.

Custom graphic I created for another good friend of mine.

And finally a Beer logo for a promising home brewer.  Who ALSO happens to be a good friend of mine. 


That's it...I have no more.  Hopefully I will have some new stuff soon though!